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Terrier Dog

Show schedules


Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, the majority of dog shows between April and December 2020 have been either cancelled or postponed until 2021. Please see the list below for more information.


  Show Location Closing date Days left  
Paw Icon Southampton & District Canine Association - ENTRIES CLOSED! 02/12/2020 - Show details & news
Calendar 7th March 2021
Paw Icon South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club - CANCELLED 11/01/2021 - Show details & news
Calendar 31st January 2021
Paw Icon Romsey & District Canine Society - POSTPONED 17/01/2021 - Show details & news
Calendar 14th February 2021
Paw Icon Gloucester & District Canine Society 25/01/2021 6 Show details & news Enter on-line
Calendar 13th February 2021
Paw Icon Kent, Surrey & Sussex Labrador Retriever Club - POSTPONED 31/01/2021 12 Show details & news Enter on-line
Calendar 7th February2021
Paw Icon United Retriever Club - POSTPONED 04/02/2021 16 Show details & news Enter on-line
Calendar 10th February 2021
Paw Icon Curly Coated Retriever Club 31/03/2021 71 Show details & news Enter on-line
Calendar 14th Apri l2021
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